In Memoriam

Bill MooreBill H. Moore passed away on June 16, 2011. Bill was the owner and Past President of RMX Freight Systems, Inc. He bought the company from the founding family in 1978 when it was known as Roseville Motor Express, Inc. At that time, the company had only one driver and a few old trucks. His energy, expertise, and commitment to providing the best service possible combined with the hard work of the many dedicated RMX employees has over the years made the company into the highly regarded company it is today.

Bill was heavily involved in our community and with other businesses. He was the owner and Past President of Fra-Mor, Inc., Quiet River LTD, and Moor Realty. He was the current Chairman of the Board of the Community Bank and the Past Chairman of the Board of the National Motor Freight Traffic Association. Bill was the Past President of the Zanesville-Muskingum County Port Authority, Crooksville-Roseville Area Jaycees, Perry County Metropolitan Housing Authority, Ohio Ceramic Museum, and the Ohio Motor Freight Tariff Committee. He was Original Co-Chairman of the Crooksville-Roseville Pottery Festival. Bill was also a Past Trustee of the Bethesda Hospital Associate Board, a member of the Board of the Brannon Hull Scholarship, and Past Vice-Chairman of the Zanesville Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce. He was an active member of the Zanesville Country Club, the Elks, Columbus Transportation Club, and St. John’s Lutheran Church.

Bill is survived by his wife Vickie, many members of his large family, and countless friends and associates. He is and will continue to be sorely missed by all.

The National Motor Freight Classification and the Commodity Classification Standards Board

The freight that moves in LTL service is physically diverse; far more so than, say, parcel shipments that move via package carrier.

The variety of LTL freight is virtually limitless, and each article presents the carrier with a unique set of service demands. The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) groups goods into one of 18 classes–from a low of class 50 to a high of class 500–according to their respective service demands, or what we call their relative "transportability." Class assignments are accomplished through an analysis of the product's transportation characteristics:

  • Density, as measured in pounds per cubic foot;
  • Stowability, which includes excessive weight and excessive length;
  • Ease or difficulty of handling, which includes special care or attention necessary to handle the goods; and
  • Liability, which includes value per pound, susceptibility to theft, liability to damage, perishability, propensity to damage other products with which transported and propensity to spontaneous combustion or explosion.

Anyone or any group having an interest in the content of the the NMFC can file a proposal to amend the NMFC. Proposals are considered through a formalized, transparent process in which all interested persons are invited to participate.

Additional information on the NMFC as well as the procedures and activities of the CCSB is available online at

For the full National Motor Freight Classification and the Commodity Classification Standards Board document, click here.



Marietta was discovered and established as the first permanent settlement of the Northwest Territory in 1788 by a group of 48 men of the Ohio Company Associates. Located in Washington County it is also known as the “Riverboat Town” because of its location on the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers.

Marietta offers great educational opportunities with Marietta College and Washington State Community College. The downtown area will put you back in time with its beautiful scenery of historical brick streets and 19th Century architecture. When visiting the Marietta area, make sure to check out the Ohio River Museum and the Ohio River Sternwheel Festival, which occurs each September.

RMX provides LTL next business day service for the Marietta area.

To learn more about the great city of Marietta and what it has to offer, please visit the Chamber of Commerce website at

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